What does Presale mean on Ticketmaster? (in Simple words)

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When you buy concert or event tickets, you might come across something called “Presale” on Ticketmaster.

But what does it mean?

In today’s article I will explain this Term “Presale” in easy & simple words.

What does Presale mean on Ticketmaster?

Presale on Ticketmaster is an early sale period where a limited number of tickets are available to a specific group of people before they go on sale to the general public. This group usually consists of loyal fans, subscribers, or members who have signed up in advance.

The purpose of a presale is to give these dedicated fans a chance to purchase tickets before everyone else.

It’s a way to reward their loyalty and ensure they have a better opportunity to secure tickets for the event they want to attend.

Sometimes, a special access code or password is required to access the presale and buy tickets. This code is usually shared with the eligible group of people via Social media or in a form of Newsletters (email).

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Presale tickets vs General sale

The main difference between presale and regular ticket sale is the timing.

Presale happens before the general sale, so fans have the advantage of getting their tickets earlier.

Presale tickets vs General sale Difference

This means they can have a better chance of getting good seats or special packages that might have limited availability.

It’s important to note that the number of tickets available during a presale is limited.

Once the presale period ends, the remaining tickets are released for the general public to purchase. These tickets might have different pricing or availability compared to the presale tickets.

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FAQ – Answer in short

How to get ticketmaster presale Codes?

To get Ticketmaster presale codes, you need to do three things. First, create an account on Ticketmaster’s website or app.

Second, subscribe to their emails so you receive updates and special offers.

Finally, follow your favorite artists or events on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay informed about presale announcements.

What percentage of Tickets are presale on ticketmaster?

The percentage of tickets allocated for presale on Ticketmaster varies for each event and is determined by the event organizers. There is no fixed percentage, as it depends on the specific circumstances.

In some cases, presale tickets may represent a smaller portion(10%-20%) of the overall ticket inventory, while in others, they may make up a more significant proportion.

How to use presale code on ticketmaster?

To use a presale code on Ticketmaster, log in or create an account, select the event you want to go, enter the presale code in the “Presale code” field, unlock the presale tickets, choose your desired seats, and proceed to checkout for purchase.

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