Artist Presale Ticketmaster Meaning (Explained in Simple words)

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Many times, when we try to book tickets for concerts, events, or live shows, we visit Ticketmaster and come across a term called ‘presale.’

It can be confusing because we understand ‘on sale,’ but what exactly is ‘presale’?

Today, I will explain it to you in simple words, so all your doubts will be cleared.

What is Artist Presale Meaning on Ticketmaster ?

Artist presale Ticketmaster refers to a special opportunity that allows fans to buy tickets for an event before they become available to the general public.

When an artist or performer is planning a concert, they often set aside a limited number of tickets exclusively for their fans. These tickets are made available for purchase through a platform called Ticketmaster.

Artist Presale Vs Regular Presale

Artist Presale Vs Regular Presale
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What does Presale mean on Ticketmaster?

How to get Ticketmaster presale code?

An artist presale is a special opportunity for fans of a specific artist to buy tickets for an event before the general public. It’s like a special early access sale just for the artist’s fans.

A regular presale, on the other hand, is a general ticket sale that happens before the tickets are available to everyone. It’s open to anyone who wants to buy tickets, whether they are fans of the artist or not.

Why buy tickets during an artist presale?

Artist presale benefits

Buying tickets during an artist presale offers several benefits.

Firstly, it allows you to secure your tickets before the general public sale, increasing your chances of getting desirable seats.

Additionally, presale tickets often come with lower prices or exclusive discounts, saving you money.

Lastly, buying during a presale gives you a head start and avoids the frustration of missing out on tickets when they sell out quickly.

When do artist presales start?

The timing of artist presales can differ from one artist to another.

When do artist presales start

Some artists may choose to hold presales well in advance, allowing fans to secure tickets weeks before the show.

On the other hand, some artists may opt for shorter presale periods, starting just a few days prior to the event (Maybe 1 or 2 days ago).

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How do I get an artist presale codes?

To get an artist presale code, you can follow these steps.

1) Join the artist’s fan club or newsletter

Artists often provide special codes to their dedicated fans. To get these codes, visit the artist’s official website and sign up for their fan club or newsletter.

2) Follow the artist on social media:

Artists share presale information and codes on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Follow their accounts to stay updated on any presale opportunities. Check example Here & Here

3) Check Ticketmaster or event websites

Ticketmaster or the official website of the event may have information about presales. It’s a good idea to watch out for their announcements or subscribe to their newsletters.

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4) Look for credit card or sponsor offers

Certain artists collaborate with credit card companies or sponsors, providing special benefits during presales to their customers. It’s worth checking if there are any partnerships like these and if you can obtain presale codes through them.

5) Join online communities and forums

Getting involved in fan forums such as Reddit & quora, event communities, or social media groups can be beneficial. In these communities, fans often share codes and helpful tips for obtaining presale tickets.

How do I buy tickets during an artist presale?

What is Artist presale Ticketmaster Meaning

If you want to buy tickets during an artist presale, you should stay updated on the announcements, look for the presale code on the artist’s website or social media.

Visit a reliable ticketing website like Ticketmaster, choose the event you want to attend, enter the presale code, and make sure to buy your tickets before they run out.

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How does Ticketmaster decide who gets presale?

Ticketmaster doesn’t decide who gets presale access.

The event organizers, like the artist or venue, choose who can participate based on things like being part of a fan club, having a specific credit card, or subscribing to a service.

Ticketmaster helps with the presale process, but it’s the event organizers who decide who gets access.

Is Ticketmaster presale guaranteed?

Is Ticketmaster presale guaranteed

Ticketmaster presale access does not guarantee ticket availability.

Limited tickets and high demand can cause popular events to sell out quickly, even during the presale period. To increase your chances of getting tickets, act promptly when the presale starts.

FAQ – Exlained in Short

When do artist presales typically begin?

Artist presales typically begin before the general public sale, usually a few days or weeks in advance.

How to use Presale code on ticketmaster?

To use a presale code on Ticketmaster, simply find the event you want to attend, enter the presale code during the ticket purchase process, and if valid, you’ll gain access to the presale tickets for selection and purchase. is a team of devoted music enthusiasts. Our main objective is to provide you with the most recent updates on concerts, events, and live shows. Additionally, we take pride in covering celebrity news and keeping you informed about the latest happenings in the entertainment world.

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