Is it Better to buy Presale tickets or wait? Perfect Answer

By Dipak Chauhan

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When it comes to buying tickets for an exciting event like a concert or sports game, you might wonder when is the best time to make your purchase.

Should you jump in early during the presale period or wait for the general sale?

It’s a common question, and in this blog post, we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of both options.

Is it Better to buy Presale tickets or wait?

When deciding between presale and general sale tickets, it ultimately depends on your level of fandom and willingness to take risks.

If you’re a die-hard fan of an artist and absolutely want to attend their concert, presale is a suitable option. Presale allows you to secure tickets before they become available to the general public.

On the other hand, if you’re not a die-hard fan or can handle the possibility of not attending the concert, waiting for the general sale may be more suitable for you.

The general sale offers tickets to the public, but there is a chance they may sell out quickly. Consider your dedication and willingness to take risks when making your ticket-buying decision.

Presale tickets vs General sale

Let me explain the differences between presale tickets and general sale tickets.

TypesPresale ticketsGeneral sale
Early accessYesNo
Better seat selectionYesNo
Exclusive offersYesNo
Ticket PricesDiscounted or high (it Depends, check below note)Regular / Standard
Larger availabilityNo, LimitedYes
Lower pricesYesDefinitely yes
Flexibility in purchasingNot muchYes
Membership requirementsYesNo
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What does Presale mean on Ticketmaster?

Are presale tickets Cheaper than Regular tickets?
Take a note : Presale ticket prices can be different because some organizers give discounts during presale, which means they might be cheaper than regular tickets. While others do not provide discounts. So it always depends.

Pro & Cons of Presale Tickets

Early AccessHigher Ticket Prices
Better Seat SelectionLimited availability
Exclusive Offers Need to pay Additional fees
Reduced CompetitionNot be able to cancel or refund your tickets

Pro & Cons of General Sale

Larger Ticket InventoryHigh Competition
Potentially Lower Prices than PresaleLimited Seat Selection
Flexible Purchase WindowRisk of Tickets Selling Out
No Membership or Pre-registration RequiredPotential for Scalpers and Resellers

What Percentage of tickets are Presale?

The number of tickets available for presale can differ for each event. Popular concerts like Taylor swift, Beyonce and sporting events often have more presale tickets compared to less popular events.

Generally, presales make up around 10-25% of the total tickets available for an event. However, these percentages can vary, so it’s best to check with the event organizers for specific details.

FAQ – Quick Answer in short

Presale or General Sale (Regular)? Which is better?

It depends on your fandom and risk tolerance. Presale is for die-hard fans wanting early access, while waiting for general sale suits those who are less dedicated or comfortable with the risk of missing out. Consider your dedication and risk tolerance before deciding.

What are the Benefits of Presale Tickets?

Presale tickets provide early access, better seat selection, and exclusive offers, enhancing your event experience.

What are the Benefits of General Sale?

General public sale tickets provide more availability, potential cost savings, flexibility in purchasing, and accessibility to everyone without membership requirements.

Are Presale tickets more expensive?

Presale ticket prices can vary because some organizers offer discounts during presale, making them potentially cheaper than regular tickets. However, not all organizers provide discounts, so it ultimately depends on the specific event and organizer.

How does Ticketmaster decide who gets a presale code?

Ticketmaster determines presale code distribution based on criteria like membership, credit card partnerships, and previous ticket purchases.

Eligible individuals receive a presale code for early access to tickets. Specific requirements are communicated by the event organizers.

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