How to become a Verified fan on Ticketmaster? Easy Step by Step (All Details)

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When big events like Taylor Swift’s and Beyonc√©’s tours happen, a lot of people want tickets, which can make things crazy. Ticketmaster, a famous ticket-selling website, has a trick to help real fans get tickets before others. They call it “Verified Fan Presale.”

It’s like a special early sale for fans who prove they’re real.

Imagine you really want to see Taylor Swift in person, but many others want to as well. Sometimes, artists use this Verified Fan thing to help their true fans get tickets first.

To do this, fans need to show they’re real people, not bots or scalpers. If you’re verified, you get the chance to buy tickets before everyone else.

Ticketmaster is like the boss of this game. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about how to become a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster. Let’s get started!

What is verified fan on ticketmaster?

The Verified Fan Presale is a special early ticket sale by Ticketmaster for popular events, designed to give true fans a better chance of getting tickets before others. It helps prevent bots and scalpers from grabbing tickets.

How to become a Verified fan on Ticketmaster?

To be a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster, watch for your favorite artist’s tour announcement, click the registration link provided, sign in or create an account, verify your mobile, and wait for presale codes.

Dont’ worry, Keep reading complete process given below with Photos…

Before we delve into the details, it’s important to note that the Verified Fan option on Ticketmaster isn’t available for all artists.

This feature is specifically offered to selected and highly popular artists who have a massive fan demand. This distinction is crucial, and I wanted to emphasize this right from the beginning.

Now, let’s proceed with the guide on becoming a Verified Fan for events.

Steps to Become a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster:

1) Know About the Tour Announcement

First, keep an eye out for when your favorite artist announces their upcoming tour. When they do, they might say that they’re using the verified fan system for ticket sales.

2) Find the Verified Fan Registration Link

Look for a link to register for verified fan access. Artists often share this link on their social media or official websites. For example, Taylor Swift usually puts the verified fan registration link on her official site. Click on “Register now”

Click on Register now link

Update: Please note that I will be using the Doja Cat tour as an example, as the Taylor Swift verified fan registration has already closed. However, the process remains the same, so there’s no need to worry.

3) Use the Registration Link & Sign in

If you’re already a customer, you might need to sign in. If you’re new, you’ll need to create an account.

Sign up to ticketmaster

4) Verify Your Mobile Number

When you sign up or create an account, they might send you a code to your mobile phone. Enter that code to confirm your mobile number.

Fill up all your Details Like name, Zip code, mobile & select tour
Verify OTP

5) Congratulations, You’re on Verified Fan List

Once you’ve given all the needed info and verified your number, you’re now a verified fan! Your job of becoming one is done. Now, you just need to wait for Ticketmaster to release the presale codes. This usually happens 12-24 hours before the presale starts.

You might either be chosen for selection or put on a waiting list. You’ll receive a notification on your phone or email before the sale starts. So, make sure to keep an eye out!

How it appears when I am chosen?

Here’s the screenshot indicating that you have been chosen, please take a look below.

How it appears when I am chosen

How does it look when I’m not selected?

Here’s a sneak peek of how it appears when you’re not chosen. You’ll be placed on a waitlist.

How does it look when I'm not selected

What is Ticketmaster Verified fan waitlist?

The Ticketmaster Verified Fan waitlist is like a special list of fans who signed up for the Verified Fan program but haven’t been chosen yet for the early ticket sale. If there are any tickets left after the early sale, Ticketmaster will reach out to the people on the waitlist and offer them a chance to buy tickets.

How can I improve my chances of avoiding the waitlist?

Honestly, there’s no way to avoid the waitlist. It’s not something you or anyone else can control. It all depends on how Ticketmaster and the artist choose fans. So, I’d say luck plays a big part here. (This is just my perspective based on my own experience.)

FAQ – Fans always ask

Do all registered fans receive a presale code?

No, only selected fans will receive the presale access before the sale begins. The rest will be placed on a waitlist.

When Will I Receive Presale Codes?

Presale codes are typically released by Ticketmaster 12-24 hours before the presale starts. Keep an eye on your phone or email during this time.

How do I know if I am a verified fan on Ticketmaster?

If you are chosen for Verified Fan, you will receive the presale notification along with a unique code via SMS or email.

Are Ticketmaster verified fan codes unique?

Yes, Ticketmaster Verified Fan codes are indeed unique. Each code is specific to individual customers and comes with certain limitations.

Can someone else use your Ticketmaster code?

No, someone else cannot use your Ticketmaster code. Ticketmaster generates unique codes through an automated process, ensuring that the code will only work with the email address from which it was sent.

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