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Doja Cat’s latest music video, “Paint the Town Red,” is a bold and defiant anthem that embraces self-confidence and challenges societal norms.

The artist’s unique personality shines through, showcasing her refusal to conform to others’ expectations and her willingness to embrace change.

This article explores the song’s underlying meanings and symbolism while highlighting Doja Cat’s unapologetic approach to self-expression.

Paint the town red Doja cat Meaning

Level 1: Leaning into Controversy and Embracing Change

The music video starts with Doja Cat embracing the controversy surrounding her persona. She boldly proclaims that she does not care about negative opinions or demonization from others.

The artist asserts that her true fans understand her and her actions. This level demonstrates her confidence in staying true to herself, regardless of what others may say.

Leaning into Controversy and Embracing Change

Additionally, the video features tarot card symbolism, which Doja Cat has used before in her work. The grim reaper and the death card represent a significant change in her life, symbolizing a departure from her past actions and attitudes.

Doja Cat seems determined to embrace this transformation and evolve into a new version of herself. She rejects the superficiality of fame and focuses on her authentic self.

Level 2: The Whore of Babylon Symbolism

The music video incorporates biblical symbolism, particularly with Doja Cat dressed in red, resembling the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelations.

While this may not be the most positive representation, it highlights how some media or certain individuals may view her. This symbolism may suggest that she is aware of these perceptions but remains unapologetic about embracing her identity.

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Level 3: The Eye Symbolism

The Eye Symbolism:

The cutting of her eye in the video references secret societies and Illuminati associations. It could be seen as a metaphor for Doja Cat’s willingness to break free from societal norms and expectations, allowing her to be her true self.

Level 4: The Dance with the Devil

Doja - The Dance with the Devil

Doja Cat’s interaction with the demon-like figure in the video represents her possible struggles with temptation or the choices she’s made along her journey.

This moment reflects her acknowledgment that she may have made choices that society deems “dark” or controversial, yet she finds empowerment in embracing them.

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Level 5: Selling One’s Soul and Reaping the Consequences

Selling One's Soul and Reaping the Consequences

The act of returning her eye and the subsequent mixing of a potion reveals a deeper layer of symbolism.

This suggests that her character in the video may have made a pact with the devil or embraced a darker path, with the meat representing the sacrifices one must make when dealing with darker forces.

It implies that there are consequences for her actions, yet she revels in the experience, finding strength and pleasure in being true to herself.

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FAQ Zone – Read in short

What is the meaning behind “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat?

The song appears to be an anthem of self-confidence and defiance. It conveys a sense of empowerment and a refusal to conform to others’ expectations. “Paint the Town Red” symbolizes celebrating life and taking control of one’s own journey.

What does the phrase “Yeah, bitch, I said what I said” mean in the song?

This line showcases a bold and unapologetic attitude. Doja Cat emphasizes that she stands firm in her beliefs and doesn’t care about others’ judgments or criticisms.

Does “Paint the Town Red” have any deeper symbolism or messages?

Yes, the music video incorporates various symbols, like tarot card imagery and biblical references. These symbols represent Doja Cat’s embrace of change, her refusal to conform, and her willingness to face the consequences of her choices.

What does the Whore of Babylon symbolism represent in the video?

The Whore of Babylon is a symbolic figure from the Book of Revelations. In the video, Doja Cat’s portrayal might suggest how some people perceive her or label her, but it also emphasizes her unapologetic acceptance of her uniqueness.

What does the act of cutting her eye signify in the music video?

The act of cutting her eye is a metaphor for defying societal norms and expectations. It showcases her boldness in being herself and not conforming to others’ standards.

Is “Paint the Town Red” based on Doja Cat’s personal experiences?

While the song’s meaning may have some personal elements for Doja Cat, it is ultimately open to interpretation. Artists often draw inspiration from their experiences, but they also use creative storytelling to convey broader messages.

Does the video hint at Doja Cat being involved in secret societies or the Illuminati?

The video uses some symbols associated with secret societies, but it’s essential to remember that it’s likely part of artistic expression and not a reflection of Doja Cat’s personal beliefs or affiliations.

What is the main takeaway from “Paint the Town Red”?

The song and its video deliver a message of self-empowerment, confidence, and the rejection of societal pressures. Doja Cat embraces her individuality and encourages listeners to be true to themselves, unapologetically.

What makes “Paint the Town Red” unique compared to other songs by Doja Cat?

The song stands out for its boldness and defiance, as well as its use of symbolic imagery. It showcases Doja Cat’s unapologetic attitude and her willingness to embrace change.


Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” is a multifaceted music video that celebrates self-empowerment, confidence, and the rejection of societal pressures.

The artist embraces her individuality, acknowledges the controversies surrounding her, and confidently evolves into a new version of herself.

While the video incorporates various symbols, it ultimately conveys a message of staying true to oneself and fearlessly facing the consequences of one’s choices.


The interpretations provided in this article are purely symbolic and subjective. The true meaning behind the music video may only be known to Doja Cat herself.

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