How much does Taylor swift make per Concert? (Based on Research)

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According to reports from Billboard, Taylor Swift is currently the highest-grossing female touring artist in the music industry. She has surpassed both Madonna and Beyoncé in terms of net worth.

Taylor’s tour demand is rapidly increasing day by day. Business Insider has reported an average attendance of 54,000 people at her concerts.

With her growing popularity, fans naturally wonder how much Taylor Swift earns per concert.

If you have the same question, stick around until the end. We have gathered research from trusted sources such as Billboard, The Guardian, Forbes, Business Insider, and more. We will provide you with exact data based on the research conducted by these well-known sources.

How much does Taylor swift make per Concert?

According to reports from reputable sources such as,,,, and, it has been revealed that Taylor Swift earns an average of $9 to $13 million per concert.

1) According to reports from,

The reason for prioritizing the Business today’s report is that they have recently updated the data and article on Jul 03, 2023, making it the most up-to-date source.

In a recent article on, it was reported that Taylor Swift’s tour has made a whopping $300 million from 22 shows so far.

At each tour stop, an average of 54,000 fans attend her concerts. This means that Taylor Swift is earning more than $13 million per concert.

Calculation : 300/22 = 13.63

Total Earning (from 22 shows)$300 million
Total Shows22 shows
Per Concert earning$13.63 million

According to, Taylor Swift earns over $13 million per concert.

2) According to Report,

Based on a recent report from, published on June 26, 2023, Taylor Swift’s first 22 performances of her tour have been a massive success.

They have grossed over $300 million, making it the highest-earning tour across North America and worldwide from November 17, 2022, to May 17, 2023.

Forbes estimates that Taylor Swift has earned nearly $110 million from these performances after deducting expenses and payments.

Calculation : 300/22 = 13.63 (with expenses)

Calculation : 100/22 = 4.5 (after expenses)

With expenseAfter expenses
Total Earning $300 million$100 Millon
Total Shows22 shows22 shows
Per Concert earning$13.63 million$4.5 million

In short, Taylor Swift earns an astounding $13.6 million per concert and takes home around $4.5 million after expenses.

3) Reports from

An article published on on December 16, 2022 reported that Taylor Swift’s 52-date Eras tour is expected to generate $591 million in ticket sales.

This means that if we divide the total sales by the number of concerts, it comes out to approximately $11.36 million per show. It’s important to note that Billboard did not explicitly state the exact amount per show, but we can easily calculate it based on the given data.

Calculation : 591/52 = 11.36

Total Earning $591 million
Total Shows52 shows
Per Concert earning$11.36 million

Therefore, according to reports from, Taylor Swift makes over $11 million per concert.

However, these figures do not account for additional expenses and taxes. Also, please keep in mind that the article was published last year, so it’s reasonable to assume that these numbers have increased since then.

4) According to reports,

Based on information from a report on, it was revealed that Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” tour achieved remarkable success, breaking records as the highest-grossing stadium tour in the United States.

With only 38 shows, Taylor Swift earned an incredible $345 million, averaging around $9 million per show.

Calculation : 345 / 38 = 9.07

Total Earning $345 million
Total Shows38 shows
Per Concert earning$9.07 million

Therefore, according to reports from, Taylor Swift earned over $9 million per concert during her Reputation tour.

5) Reports,

In a recent article published on dated 30th june, they discussed how much Taylor Swift is earning from her Eras tour concerts in Australia.

According to the article, after covering expenses like transportation, accommodation, production, publicity, venue hire, and management fees, Taylor Swift is estimated to make approximately $5 million for each of her seven concerts in Australia.

That means both Forbes and reported similar figures, estimating Taylor Swift’s earnings to be around $4 to $5 million per concert after deducting expenses.

FAQ – Short Answers

Which Taylor Swift tour made the most money?

Taylor Swift’s “Reputation Stadium Tour” (2018) was her highest-grossing tour to date. The tour spanned from May 2018 to November 2018 and grossed a reported $345.7 million worldwide. It was highly successful, with numerous sold-out shows and positive reviews.

How much does taylor swift make per day?

Taylor Swift earns an incredible $1 million every day. This estimation is based on her overall earnings, which amount to hundreds of millions of dollars each year. She makes money from various sources, such as selling music, going on tours, selling merchandise, and getting endorsements.

How much does taylor swift make a year?

Reliable reports indicate that Taylor Swift earns a staggering $150 million annually. These figures come from trustworthy sources that track her financial success.

How much does taylor swift make per concert after expenses?

According to a Forbes report, Taylor Swift earns an average of $5 million per concert after deducting expenses.


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