Eminem Australia tour 2023-2024 : When is Eminem coming to Australia?

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Attention, Australian fans! We have some thrilling news just for you. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Eminem’s upcoming tour in Australia, and it’s causing quite a stir.

Numerous sources have reported the same exciting information, leaving fans on Twitter and other social media platforms eagerly anticipating the truth.

If you’re an Eminem enthusiast and wondering whether he will grace the land Down Under with his presence, this article is tailored specifically for you.

We aim to unravel the mystery and provide you with all the details you’ve been yearning for. So, brace yourselves, Australia, because we’re about to uncover the truth!

When is Eminem coming to Australia Next?

Eminem is likely to come to Australia for a tour in the early to mid-next year, most probably in between January to march 2024.

Let’s dive into the fascinating rumor that has recently captured the attention of Eminem fans in Australia.

It all started when Mark “Roo” Ricciuto, the host of 104.7 Triple M radio show, spilled the beans during a broadcast. Apparently, he received a call from an anonymous fan who claimed to have inside information about Eminem’s upcoming tour in Australia.

Will eminem tour again or not. What about australia.

According to the mysterious caller, Eminem and his management are currently in negotiations, and Ticketek and Adelaide Oval are involved in the process.

However, before you start planning your concert outfits, it’s important to note that the deal is still in progress and has not been officially confirmed.

If everything falls into place, the tour is expected to take place between the Adelaide Oval Test match against the West Indies and Round 1 of the football season. This means that we might have to wait a little longer, as it’s unlikely to happen in 2023 or beginning of next year.

While it’s exciting to think about the possibility of Eminem gracing our shores, it’s crucial to keep in mind that discussions are still ongoing, and nothing has been set in stone just yet. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned for further updates on this thrilling prospect.

Here’s the recording of Mark “Roo” Ricciuto, the host of the 104.7 Triple M radio show, discussing Eminem’s Australia tour.

Eminem tour Australia 2023-2024 Details

NameEminem Live on Tour
CategoryConcert in Australia
TypeMusic / Entertainment
Date (Expected)January – March 2024
LocationAdelaide Oval
Age limitOpen for all
Official websitewww.eminem.com
Ticket partnerTicketek.com.au

How much will be Eminem Australia Tickets?

Eminem performing live in concert

Currently, the official ticket prices for Eminem’s Australia tour in 2024 are not available. However, unofficial sources have provided some information on the expected prices.

General admission tickets are anticipated to be priced between AUD$100 and AUD$200. VIP tickets are likely to be more expensive, starting at approximately AUD$300 and potentially reaching AUD$500 or higher.

For those interested in platinum tickets, prices could start at around AUD$500 and potentially exceed AUD$1,000. It’s important to note that these prices are not officially confirmed, so they should be considered as a rough estimate.

CategoryExpected Ticket prices
General admissionAUD$100 – AUD$200.
VIP ticketsAUD$300 – AUD$500
Platinum ticketsAUD$500 – AUD$1,000

Will Eminem Tour Adelaide?

As mentioned previously, Adelaide holds the highest priority for the upcoming Eminem Australia tour in 2024. If you happen to be from Adelaide, consider yourself fortunate! Get prepared to receive some fantastic news from Eminem very soon.

What Can Melbourne Fans Expect?

Eminem performing live at previous tour just happened

Apart from Adelaide, there are currently no other cities on the list for Eminem’s Australia tour in 2024, according to rumors.

However, fans in Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth should not feel disheartened, as there is a possibility that Eminem might add multiple shows across Australia, including those cities mentioned.

Until official news is released, it remains uncertain, and we cannot make any definitive statements.

Is Eminem coming to Sydney?

According to unofficial sources, currently Sydney is not the top priorities for Eminem’s Australia tour. However, it’s important not to lose hope, as there is a possibility that multiple venues may be included.

We cannot make any firm statements at this time. So, all Eminem fans in Australia should remain patient and wait a little longer to hear the good news. Stay optimistic!

Resource FAQs

Is Eminem going to Australia?

Yes, Eminem is likely to tour Australia between January and March 2024, as per the rumors.

Has Eminem ever toured Australia?

Yes, Eminem has indeed toured Australia. He had tours in 2019, 2014, and 2013.

When was the last time Eminem went to Australia?

Eminem’s last tours in Australia were the Revival Tour in 2019 and the Rapture Tour in 2014.

Is Eminem coming to Perth 2023

Eminem is not expected to visit Perth for his upcoming Australia tour 2024-2023, As per the Unofficial source (rumours).

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