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Hey Swifties! As you may be aware, the Taylor Swift Vault Puzzle has taken the world by storm, and it’s a dream come true for all of us Swifties to see if we can crack it.

Well, today, I’m excited to share all the answers to the Taylor Swift Vault Puzzle with you. Are you ready to find out? Let’s dive in!

Taylor swift Vault Answers

Here are the latest Taylor Swift Vault Answers with hints. Enjoy! I’m playing right now too. Let’s complete and solve the puzzle together!

2A Game Of Cat And Mouselove
3AKA Christmas In Septemberchai sugar cookies
4All You Had To Do Was Staybut not like this
5All You Had To Do Was Staythe palm of your hand
6All You Had To Do Was StayThey paid the price
7All You Had To Do Was StayYou were all I wanted
8And Somehow That Was Everythingbut she found herself
9Announcelos angeles
10Bad Bloodnow we got problems
11Bad BloodShe wasn’t doing anything
12Birth Datedecember thirteenth
13Birth Daywednesday
14Blank Spaceand i’ll write your name
15Blank SpaceCrossword Puzzle
16Blank SpaceDarling I’m a nightmare
17Blank Spaceincredible things
18Blank SpaceMagic madness heaven sin
19Blank Spacenice to meet you
20Blank Spacepen click
21Blank Spaceso hey let’s be friends
22Blank Spaceso it’s gonna be forever
23Blank Spaceshe’s like oh my god
24Blue Sweatshirtseagulls
25Captiongot a haircut
26CleanI could finally breathe
27CleanThink I am finally clean
28CleanWhat you are is brave
29Coffeelong list of ex lovers
30Deepest Fearsea urchins
31Excitedly Minglingsecret sessions
32First StopTokyo
33Halloween Costumepegacorn
34How You Get The GirlOf Kisses on Cheeks
35I Know Placesand everyone was watching
36I Know Placesand we run
37I Know Placesloose lips sink ships
38I Love YouSwifties
39I Was Born InNineteen Eighty-Nine
40I Wish You Wouldelevator buttons
41I Wish You Wouldeverything and nothing
42Impossible To Reason Withsheep
43Karma Music VideoMCMLXXXIX
44Last StopMelbourne
45Likes, Job, Whereabouts Were Studied IntentlyTaylurking
46Look At It!!Yes whale
47Loudest And Brightest Citynew york city
49Makes You Cleanrainstorms
50New Romanticscome along with me
51Number Of Instant Filmssixty five
52Out of the WoodsIt all seems so simple
53Out of the WoodsLike we stood a chance
54Out of the Woodstwo paper airplanes flying
55Out of the Woodsyou were looking at me
56Out of the Woods Introshe lost him
57Reclaimedtaylor’s version
58Reclaimedpop record
59Releaseoctober twenty-seventh
60Shake It Offcan’t stop won’t stop moving
61Shake It Offi’m just gonna shake
62Shake It OffShe danced to forget him
63Smashinggolf club
64Stylenever go out of style
65Stylered lip classic
66StyleWith some other girl
67Sun Signsagittarius
68They Never Go Out Of Stylesunglasses
69This LoveIn Silent Screams
70This LoveTiming is a funny thing
71This LoveTo what you need
72This Love (Taylor’s Version)the summer i turned pretty
73Tourmy name is taylor swift
74Track 6Floor Eighteen
75Welcome to New Yorkbut they never blind me
76Welcome to New Yorkit’s a new soundtrack
77Welcome to New Yorkit’s been waiting for you
78Wildest Dreamsburning it down
79Wildest Dreamshe does it so well
80wildest dreams (taylors version) 😉Glitch
81Wonderlandwe both went mad
82World Tour Livesydney
83You Are In LoveYou’re my best friend
84Crystal Skies Blue
85aquamarine green
86fifth album
87from the vault
88Rose Garden Pink
89Sunrise Boulevard Yellow

Please take a look at the updated spreadsheet below, which contains the latest answers. You can download it for free.

FAQ – Also Read & Clear Doubts

How do you solve the vault puzzle in Taylor Swift?

To solve Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle, search “Taylor Swift,” click the vault Image link (Bottom Right corner), enter the puzzle answer in Google search bar, and uncover the solution.

How do you unlock Taylor Swift vault?

To unlock the Taylor Swift vault, fans need to complete or reach the 33 million puzzle milestone; once achieved, it will be unlocked.


I hope this Vault Answers proves helpful, and if you like it, please let me know on Twitter. I have personally solved 495 puzzles and would love to hear about your progress too! Happy puzzling!

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