Surat BRTS route timetable PDF online 2023

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Here’s the Latest Surat BRTS route timetable PDF online 2023 (UPDATED)

Surat BRTS Route timetable 2023 (NEW)

Sr. NoRoute No.Route nameVia Route
1112Station To Palapur Jakat NakaRing Road, Athwagate, Guj. Gas Circle
2113Station To Palapur Jakat NakaBhagal, Chowk, Adajan Patia, Navyug College
3115Station To Jahangirpura AshramMain Road, Chowk, Bhagal, Adajan Depot, Mora Bhagal
4115-BStation To Saroli NakaBhagal, Chowk, Adajan Patia, Main Road, Adajan Depot , Mora Bhagal
5115-CStation To Jahangirpura AshramRing Road, Majura Gate
6121Station To Veer Narmad UniversityBhagal, Wadi Faliya, Navsari Bazar, God Dod Road
7122Station To Veer Narmad UniversityRing Road, Majura Gate, God Dod Road, Icchanath, Lake view Garden
8123Station To Veer Narmad UniversityChowk, Bhagal, Main Road, Parle Point, City Light, Athwagate
9125Station To Rundh Jakat NakaBhagal, Chowk, Main Road, Piplod, Big Bazar, Ambaji, Athwagate
10125-2Station To Rundh Jakat NakaRing Road, Majura Gate, Athwagate, Ambaji, Piplod
11127-1Station To BharthanaRing Road, Majura Gate, Bhatar
12127-2Station To BharthanaBhagal, Navsari Bazar, Majura Gate, Bhatar
13128Station To Bimpor LangarMain Road, Chowk, Chowpati, Piplod, Ambaji
14129Station To Dumas Nani BazarMain Road, Bhagal, Chowk, Chowpati, Ambaji, Piplod, Big Bazar, Icchanath, Athwagate
15131-2Station To Pandesara Pani TankiRing Road, Udhna, B.R.C., Daxseshwer Mandir
16131-3Station To PandesaraRing Road, Udhna Zone Office, Kamela Darwaja, Sahara Darwaja
17134Station To DindoliKamela Darwaja, Sahara Darwaja, Ring Road, Udhna, Nawa Gam
18101Station To DindoliKamela Darwaja, Sahara Darwaja, Bhatena, Udhna Station, Nawa Gam
19135-2Station To GodadraKamela Darwaja, Nillgiri
20142Station To Yogi ChowkL. H. Road, Labheswar, Kargil Chowk
21144Station To PunagamYogi ChowkArchana, Bombay Market
22144-2Station To PunagamParvat Patia, Bhaiya Nagar
23313Station To PalanpurBhagal, Chowk, Adajan, Ambaji, Big Bazar, Piplod, Icchanath
24414-1Station To Palapur Jakat NakaBhagal, Chowk, Adajan, Guj. Gas Circle
25414-2Station To Palapur Jakat NakaGuj. Gas Circle, Ring Road, Anand Mahel Road
26414-3Station To UgatRing Road, Guj. Gas Circle, Anand Mahel Road
27142-2Station To Palapur Jakat NakaHira Baug, Peoples, Katargam
28156Station To KosadGanesh Pura, Amroli
29157Station To UtranAmroli
30158Station To TarwadiVariyav Road, Amroli
31200Station To AmbajiRing Road, Athwagate, Chowpati, MajuraGate
32500Station To AmroliAshvani Kumar, Phoolpada
33113-2Station To Palapur Jakat NakaAdajan Depot, Adajan Patia
34115-2Station To Jahangirpura AshramAdajan Depot, Adajan Patia, Mora Bhagal, Ram Nagar
351231Station To Palapur Jakat NakaChowk, Mora Bhagal, Icchanath, Station, Guj. Gas Circle, Adajan
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Surat BRTS Route timetable PDF Map 2023 (Download)

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Surat BRTS route timetable
Surat BRTS route map pdf
surat brts route timetable pdf (1)
surat brts route timetable pdf (1)
surat brts route timetable pdf (1)
surat brts route map pdf (2)
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