Selena gomez Red dress 2023 at VMAS 2023 – I Found the Designer

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Recently, Selena Gomez turned heads at the 2023 VMA Awards, dazzling everyone in a stunning red dress. Her beauty was accentuated by the exquisite red gown she chose for the award show.

Fans have been eagerly speculating about the genius behind this captivating creation, and the moment of revelation has arrived.

It’s time to unveil the brilliant designer responsible for this adorable red dress.

Selena gomez Red dress 2023

The brilliant mind behind Selena Gomez’s unforgettable red dress at the 2023 VMA Awards is none other than the renowned Dominican fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta.

Selena gomez Red dress 2023 Oscar de la renta

This visionary designer crafted this remarkable creation exclusively for our queen, Selena Gomez. While this isn’t Oscar de la Renta’s first venture into celebrity fashion, specializing in crafting outfits for the stars is undoubtedly their forte.

As we delved into their social media, specifically Instagram, we stumbled upon a short reel that offers a sneak peek into the fascinating process of creating this exquisite dress. Although the reel is quite brief, it provides a quick glimpse into the artistry involved.

Selena Gomez Oscar de la renta Red Dress
Selena Gomez Oscar de la renta Red Dress

Upon further exploration, we discovered that the designer had previously developed a similar dress, which might have served as the inspiration for Selena Gomez’s custom gown.

Below, you can take a look at the initial version of this dress.

Selena gomez VMAS Similar dress

Where can I buy Selena gomez VMAS Dress 2023?

Since The dress is a 100% custom creation, it is not available for public sale. While you might come across imitation versions elsewhere, we couldn’t locate a dress that closely resembles this unique masterpiece.

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Regularly Asked Queries (FAQ)

What is the Price of Selena Gomez’s red Oscar de la Renta dress?

The precise cost of Selena Gomez’s custom-made red Oscar de la Renta dress from the 2023 MTV VMAs is not publicly disclosed.

Nevertheless, given that it is a one-of-a-kind creation, it’s reasonable to anticipate a significantly higher price, potentially exceeding 3-4 times the typical retail range of $5,000 to $10,000 for similar dresses from the brand.

Any other celebrities known for wearing Oscar de la Renta?

Yes, Oscar de la Renta is a renowned designer known for dressing numerous celebrities over the years. Some notable figures who have worn his creations include Amal Clooney, Taylor Swift, and Penélope Cruz, among others.

What makes Oscar de la Renta’s designs stand out?

Timeless elegance and sophistication are hallmarks of Oscar de la Renta’s designs.

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