Pittsburgh renaissance Festival 2023 (Date, Tickets, Scheduled & more)

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USA : Pittsburgh renaissance Festival 2023 (All details)

Good news!!! The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is happening again!

Today, I’ll give you all the exciting info about this fantastic event that lasts for six weekends. It’s held in West Newton, Pennsylvania, from August 26 to October 1, 2023.

Are you ready to be thrilled?

In today’s article, you’ll discover all the essential details, including dates, schedule, ticket prices, and much more. Let’s get excited together!

Pittsburgh renaissance Festival 2023

Pittsburgh renaissance Festival 2023 dates
Fest NamePittsburgh renaissance festival
Fest typeMusic, Food, Cultural – Entertainment
DateAugust 26th – October 1st, 2023
Time10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Location112 Renaissance Lane West Newton, PA – 15089
CategoryFestival in Pennsylvania, USA
Age limitOpen for all ages
Sponsored byCoors Light, The Wendys Co, Primanti Bros, Eat’n Park, Kdka, Shop n save, Pepsi

What is the Pittsburgh renaissance festival?

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is an annual event held in West Newton, Pennsylvania, that celebrates the spirit and culture of the Renaissance period. It is a lively and immersive festival where attendees can step back in time to experience the sights, sounds, and activities of a bygone era.

At the festival, you’ll find a variety of entertainment and attractions that are inspired by the Renaissance period, which was a time of great cultural and artistic growth in Europe. The festival typically features:

  • Costumed Characters
  • Jousting Tournaments
  • Stage Performances
  • Artisan Marketplace
  • Food and Drink
  • Interactive Activities & more

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival provides a unique and enjoyable experience for people of all ages, as they get to immerse themselves in a vibrant and nostalgic celebration of history and fantasy.

Pittsburgh renaissance Festival themed weekends Dates & schedule

Here’s the complete date schedule for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival themed weekends. Take a look-

DateActivity scheduled
August 26th & 27thOpening Weekend Celebration!  Celtic Weekend!
September 2nd, 3rd, & 4thChildren’s Weekend!
September 9th & 10thWine Revelry!
September 16th & 17thPirate Invasion Weekend
September 23rd & 24thLove & Romance Weekend
September 30th & October 1stA final Huzzah – Oktoberfest
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Pittsburgh renaissance festival tickets

Below is the table with the ticket prices for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

AgeTicket price
Child (age 5-12 years)$12
Kids Under 5 YearsFREE

Please Note :

  • This are the Single-day admission prices
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Ticket are always Available on festival days

Pittsburgh renaissance Festival map

Are you looking for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival map? Look no further! The official map has been provided by the organizers for your reference. Enjoy navigating through the festival grounds!

Pittsburgh renaissance Festival vendors

The vendors list for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is now available! Check it out!

  • Hughes Pottery
  • The Butterfrog
  • Anise Designs
  • Just In Tyme Boots
  • Nina, Pinta, And Santa Maria
  • Hippogriff Ride
  • Haunted Dungeon
  • Butterfly Ride
  • Gilded Parasol
  • Heavenly Body Soapworks
  • Wizard Walkers
  • Adventure Armoury
  • Pathfinder Birds
  • Tricia’s Twisted Treasures
  • Stonewick
  • Morelandshire Gem Mine
  • Creations Under Sun And Moon
  • Redsmith Rose
  • Pendragon Chainmail
  • La Forge Weapons
  • Fellowship Foundry
  • Capricorn Arms
  • Northstar Artisans
  • Pepi Puzzle Rings
  • Versailles Jewlers
  • Uncommon Adornments
  • Spoils Of War
  • Satorious Design
  • Crown Fellowship
  • Aeris Dea
  • Soothsayer
  • The Saucy Wench
  • Toon Brian
  • Satori Masks
  • Henna Body Art
  • Lore Of The Rose
  • Crimson Creek Apiaries & Moon Hollow Witchery
  • Heavenly Body Massage
  • Feather Touch Facepainting
  • Fantasy Face Painting & Feathers
  • Faire Fotos
  • Elven Shimmer Shoppe
  • Rev’s Armour Werx
  • Celestial Thymes
  • Warts, Scales And Dragon Tales
  • Majesty’s Mutts & Moggies
  • LES Polinko’s Faery Hut
  • Wickhaven Herbs
  • Un-Common Scents
  • Two Scents Worth
  • Fairy Scents Lotion Candles
  • Royale Tea
  • Pathfinder Garlands
  • Lady Oddball Fine Art
  • The Wandering Muse
  • Thru Sherri’s Eyes Studio
  • M. Sotherden Art Glass
  • Historical Glasswork
  • Sky Chairs
  • South Seas Treasures
  • Hero’s Haven Costume Rental And Sales
  • A Roguish Highlander
  • Flying Cloud
  • Fairy Flair
  • Boss Wench
  • Authentic Wardrobe
  • Annie Laurie’s Cloaks
  • Imaginarium Galleries
  • Madd Hatter
  • Dragon Hatchery

FAQ – Pennsylvania Renaissance festival 2023

What are the dates of the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in 2023?

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in 2023 will take place from August 26 to October 1.

Where is the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2023 taking place?

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2023 is taking place in West Newton, Pennsylvania.

What can I expect to see at the festival?

At the festival, you can expect to find a variety of entertainment and attractions inspired by the Renaissance period. These include costumed characters, jousting tournaments, stage performances, an artisan marketplace, themed food and drink, interactive activities, and more.

How much are the tickets for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival?

The tickets for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival are priced at $25 for adults (age 13+) and $12 for children (age 5-12). Children under the age of 5 can enter for free.

Are there any vendors at the festival?

Yes, the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival hosts a variety of vendors selling their wares. Some of the vendors include Hughes Pottery, The Butterfrog, Anise Designs, Just In Tyme Boots, and many more.

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