Northern bass 23/24 (Lineup, Dates, Location, Tickets & more)

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New Zealand : Northern bass 23/24 (All details)

OMG!! Guess what? Northern Bass Fest is back, guys!

Northern Bass 23/24 is a three-day music festival happening in Mangawhai, New Zealand, from December 29, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

The festival will showcase electronic dance music artists from all over the world and offer camping, food, and other fun activities.

The lineup for the festival has already been announced, and it’s going to be amazing! If you want to know all the juicy details, like the dates, ticket prices, lineup, and more, just keep reading.

Northern bass 23/24 Details

Northern bass 23/24 Lineup, Dates, Location, Tickets
Fest NameNorthern bass Fest 23/24
Fest typeMusic / Entertainment
DateDecember 29, 30 & 31, 2023
Location420 Settlement Road, Kaiwaka, New Zealand
CategoryFest in New Zealand
Age limit18+ Year (R18 event)

Northern bass 2023 Lineup

The official Northern Bass 2023 Lineup is finally here, and we’ve got the complete list for you, guys.

  • Bad Boy Chiller Crew
  • Black Sun Empire
  • Break
  • Calibre
  • Chiccoreli
  • Coco
  • Conducta
  • Dillinja
  • Elipsa & Tali
  • Fox Glove
  • Goddard
  • Godlands
  • Goldie
  • Halfqueen B2b Zeki
  • Hedex
  • Imanu
  • Jessb
  • Katayanagi Twins
  • Lee Mvtthews
  • levi
  • Mixtress
  • Mollie Collins
  • Monrroe
  • Duskee
  • Emily Makis
  • Montell2099
  • Netsky
  • nito
  • Notion
  • Paige Julia
  • Pola And Bryson
  • Ruby Lou
  • Sigma (Dj set)
  • Sorchalula
  • State Of Mind
  • Sub Focus (Dj set) + Id
  • Sxmpra
  • Vibe Chemistry
  • Youngsta B2b J:kenzo
  • Yung Singh
  • More To’be Announeed
Northern bass 2023 Lineup
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Northern bass tickets 23/24

Northern Bass tickets for 23/24 are selling out fast, and they’re already sold out for some categories, guys!

Check the table below for more details and secure your spot before they’re gone!

CategoryTicket Prices (excl. fees)
2 Day – Presale (30+31)— SOLD OUT—
2 Day – Early Bird (30+31)— SOLD OUT—
2 Day – 1st Release (30+31)— SOLD OUT—
2 Day – 2nd Release (30+31)NZ$ 259.90
3 Day – Presale— SOLD OUT—
3 Day – Early Bird— SOLD OUT—
3 Day – 1st Release— SOLD OUT—
3 Day – 2nd Release— SOLD OUT—
3 Day – 3rd ReleaseNZ$ 349.90

Note : Please note that for the most up-to-date ticket availability, make sure to check the official Northern Bass website.

Northern bass Map

Are you in search of the Northern Bass Map? Look no further! Here’s the map to help you navigate and make the most of your visit to this epic festival.

Official announcement

The Official Announcement for Northern Bass 23/24 festival is already out on Instagram & Facebook. Discover the electrifying lineup and exciting updates.

Connect with Northern bass 23/24

Stay updated! Follow Northern Bass 23/24 on their official social media handles for the latest news and exciting updates.


FAQ – Northern bass 23/24

What is Northern Bass Fest?

Northern Bass Fest is a three-day music festival held in Mangawhai, New Zealand, featuring electronic dance music artists from around the world.

When will Northern Bass 23/24 take place?

The festival will run from December 29, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

Where is Northern Bass 2023?

The festival will be held at 420 Settlement Road, Kaiwaka, New Zealand.

Is there an age limit for Northern Bass 23/24?

Yes, the event is restricted to individuals aged 18 years and above (R18 event).

What artists are part of the Northern Bass 23/24 lineup?

The artists included in the Northern Bass 23/24 lineup are Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Black Sun Empire, Break, Calibre, Chiccoreli, Coco, Conducta, Dillinja, Elipsa & Tali, Fox Glove, Goddard, Godlands, Goldie, Halfqueen B2b Zeki, Hedex, Imanu, Jessb, Katayanagi Twins, Lee Mvtthews, levi, Mixtress, Mollie Collins, Monrroe, Duskee, Emily Makis, Montell2099, Netsky, Nito, Notion, Paige Julia, Pola And Bryson, Ruby Lou, Sigma, Sorchalula, State Of Mind, Sub Focus. + ID, Sxmpra, Vibe Chemistry, Youngsta B2b J:kenzo, Yung Singh, and more artists yet to be announced.

Is camping available at Northern Bass 23/24?

Yes, camping facilities is available at Northern Bass 23/24.

What is the location (address) of the Northern Bass?

The Northern Bass location (address) is 420 Settlement Road, Kaiwaka, New Zealand.

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