Joe Satriani & Steve Vai Presale Code Released for the Exciting Satch Vai US Tour!

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Attention all music fans! Get ready to rock because Joe Satriani & Steve Vai just announced their incredible Satch Vai US Tour.

They shared on Instagram,

‘For the first time ever, after more than 50 years of friendship, it’s the Satch-Vai 2024 Tour!’

Can you believe it? The tour kicks off on March 22 and goes all the way through May 8, 2024. And guess what? Pre-Sale starts on November 13th, with tickets going public on November 17th.

But here’s the best part: they’ve officially released the presale code for us, their fans! I’m beyond thrilled to share this with you so you can snag those presale tickets and join in the excitement. Let’s get ready to experience some legendary guitar magic together!

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai Revealed Artist Presale Code for the tour

The exclusive Artist presale code for the Satch Vai US Tour featuring Joe Satriani & Steve Vai is ‘SVx24‘.

In their Instagram tour announcement, the artists stated,

‘The Satch-Vai tour starts March 22 and runs through May 8, 2024. Pre-Sale begins 11/13 (password: SVx24) with the public on-sale 11/17.’

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai Share Presale Code

So, it’s officially confirmed: the artist presale code is indeed SVx24. Fans can now look forward to enjoying the presale starting on Monday, November 13. This is truly an exciting surprise for everyone eager to attend.

In addition to the artist presale code, I’ve also discovered other presale codes including ones for Live Nation, various venues, and radio promotions. Be sure to jot these down as backup options in case you miss the artist presale.

It’s always good to have multiple chances to secure your tickets!

Live nation, Venue & other Codes

  • Live nation – BACKSTAGE
  • The Chicago Theatre – SOCIAL
  • The Riverside Theater – TURKEY
  • Beacon Theatre – SOCIAL
  • Eccles Theater – LIVE
  • Kodak Center – ROCHESTER
  • Paramount Theatre – GUITAR
  • Old National Centre – ONCTIX
  • Classic Rock 105.9 (Apr 28, 2024) – KKCD
  • Z92 The Rock Station (Apr 28, 2024) – KEZO
  • Chase Cardmember – 541712

The provided codes are valid on all major ticketing platforms, including Ticketmaster. Just apply the code at checkout to take advantage of the presale on your preferred platform.

Official announcement of the Satch Vai US Tour

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